Hagerling and Duval Bag Bracelets

Hagerling and Duval Bag Bracelets

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Two more WSOP bracelet winners were crowned inside the Rio earlier today in the form of Isaac Hagerling and Jason Duval.

Having left Event #27 poised with just two players remaining on Monday, Isaac Hagerling and Max Steinberg returned to the felt earlier in search of WSOP glory and $327,387.

Needing to come through the last of their heads-up matches unscathed, the two players engaged in a fierce battle that saw both bounce back from desperate situations.

Indeed, after 72 hands of play Steinberg had managed to bluff his way into the chip lead and put the pressure on Hagerling. Having forced his opponent all-in with Kd Tc, Steinberg looked likely to clinch the title with Ad Kc as the board ran out: 7c 3d Kh 5h.
However, a fortunate Th on the river saved Hagerling’s tournament life and from there he was able to use his momentum to snatch a memorable victory.

After moving all-in with Ac 8c, Hagerling was able to make a pair of eights on the Ts 8s 3c 7c 4h to best Steinberg’s Ah 6s and surpass his previous WSOP earnings by more than $300,000.

While Hagerling was performing miracles against Steinberg, Jason Duval was achieving something similar in Event #28.

Having achieved something impressive just by being at the final table of the $1,500 tournament, Duval was able to go a few notches better after he finished top of the 2,115 field.

While the likes of WSOP veteran TJ Cloutier were looking to thwart Duval’s bid for a bracelet, the young pro managed to hold his nerve throughout the finale to pull off a memorable win.

Indeed, after watching those around him fall, Duval eventually enjoyed a slice of fortune against Majid Yahyaei heads-up.

After watching the dealer lay out an Ac Kd 7d flop, Duval engaged in a betting war with Yahyaei until all the chips were finally in the middle.

When the cards were exposed it was Duval who, surprisingly, had the best hand with Qd 8d. At that point Yahyaei’s scepticism with Qc 2h seemed to be somewhat mistimed and as the turn and river produced the Th and 8c the pot and $521,202 was pushed towards Duval.

Event #27 Final Result:
1 Isaac Hagerling $372,387
2 Max Steinberg $231,501
3 Jeremy Ausmus $132,748
4 Jason Koon $132,748
5 Yevgeniy Timoshenko $51,561
6 Dan Healey $51,561
7 Chris Johnson $51,561
8 Brandon Cantu $51,561
9 Nick Binger $18,657
10 Mike Watson $18,657

Event #28 Final Result:
1 Jason Duval $521,202
2 Majid Yahyaei $324,442
3 Masayuki Nagata $225,521
4 James Lee $162,420
5 Tommy Townsend $118,707
6 Dan Martin $87,813
7 Stephen Bartlett $65,813
8 Daniel Bishop $49,952
9 Joseph Cappuccio $38,360

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