Gus Hansen up and down at Full Tilt; Antonius the big winner

Gus Hansen up and down at Full Tilt; Antonius the big winner

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Gus Hansen is still having one hell of a year. As one of Full Tilt Poker’s flagship pros not in the US, he was still able to scout out some action at the nosebleed stakes to keep his bankroll on the up for 2011. Despite dropping from $4m profit to less than $3m he bounced back admirably before taking a hit at the hands of Patrik Antonius.

Last week Hansen managed to earn over $600,000 playing high stakes Omaha and Draw games online which put him at $4.32m profit on the year – still by far the biggest winner of 2011. Yesterday he suffered a setback against fellow Full Tilt pro and nosebleed specialist Patrik Antonius across the Omaha and Omaha 8 games.

Two tables of $2,000/$4,000 Limit Omaha 8 were spiced up with a couple of $300/$600 PLO tables with Antonius managing to secure a $351,000 win over the course of 491 hands, much to the relief of railbirds who could still view a big game even without the big hitters from the US online.

While Hansen is still up over four million for the year despite Antonius’s win, this gives Antonius a nice boost back to even for 2011. Well, he’s $406 down according to HSDB but we don’t think he’ll be sweating that too much.

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