Gus Hansen's Latest Investment

Gus Hansen's Latest Investment

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Gus Hansen might be one of the most entertaining high stakes poker players in the world, but when he's not dusting off $20 million in the virtual arena, he's a keen bridge player.

Applying the same creativity and flair he displays at the poker table, Hansen is known to be just as tough at the bridge table. However, according to a recent report by Danish publication Berlingske Business Growth, Hansen's latest bridge exploits have taken place away from the felt.

As outlined in the article, Hansen has decided to invest his some of his bankroll (quoted as "millions") in a new shuffle machine. Known as Bridge+Dealer, the new piece of technology is designed to shuffle, deal and record the action during bridge tournaments.

Quite how successful the contraption will be remains to be seen, but as long as it helps Hansen avoid losing any more money at the poker table then it will probably be a good thing for him.

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