Gus Hansen in Yet Another Ivey Prop Bet.

Gus Hansen in Yet Another Ivey Prop Bet.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Gus Hansen has revealed in an intimate “Chat With the Pros” session at Full Tilt Poker that he has a significant sum of money at stake – in fact, should Phil Ivey win the Main Event then Gus will be pretty happy with a $1.1m payoff.

[Taken from Full Tilt Poker’s Pro Chat session]

Question from buying time: gus who do you like to win in November?

Gus Hansen: since I have a big bet on Phil Ivey – I hope he wins the main event – and on top of that I like it when some of the top players win the big tourneys

Question from ajinz1: how much did u bet on ivey? did u have odds?

Gus Hansen: 55-1 for 20k

Although $20k is half or one-fifth of a buy-in for Gus, the $1.1m that 55-1 odds promises is nothing to be sniffed at, especially for someone reportedly in the midst of a $900k downswing in August.

Speculation looms over when he made this bet – certainly not when the full 6,000 people were in the event but also not with 56 players left. Ivey has a pretty decent edge – in the same way that Queen Elizabeth is “pretty rich” – so general consensus on the forums is that the Full Tilt Pro bet on his fellow red name with around 200 players remaining.

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