Gus Excelling Away from the Table

Gus Excelling Away from the Table

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Gus Hansen certainly loves a challenge and these days it seems when he’s not taking down millions at the poker table, he’s hitting various sized balls in the sport of Racketlon.

Combining four racket sports – Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis and Badminton – the game has become hugely popular in Europe over recent years and our own Gus Hansen was ranked 71st in the world.

However, following the conclusion of the World Racketlon Championships in Stockholm, Sweden, over the weekend he’s now climbed to 59th in the rankings.

After beating some of the world’s best players, including Belgium’s Peter Duyk who is ranked 9th in the world, Gus made it through to the quarter-finals before finally hitting the rail.

His credible performance not only raised his profile in the world of Racketlon, but will no doubt make many high stakes stars a bit more cautious when deciding whether or not to set up a racket-based prop bet with Gus.

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