Guo Meimei Arrested In China

Guo Meimei Arrested In China

Monday, 11 August 2014

Dan Bilzerian may control the poker airwaves in North America and Europe but in Asia another social media star has been making headlines.

Guo Meimei, dubbed a ‘professional mistress’ with a penchant for fast cars and luxury yachts, was recently arrested in China following allegations of illegal sportsbetting.

The arrest is thought to be linked to the recent case involving high-stakes players Richard Yong and Paul Phua, which saw millions of dollars illegally wagered on the 2014 FIFA World Cup across a string of Asian betting sites.

Meimei is a well-known figure in China for her social media profile. Much like Bilzerian, she posted endless pictures of parties and cash but after being arrested the 23-year-old was forced to publically admit that she slept with rich clients for up to $17,000-a-night.

On top of this, it was also revealed that she regularly took part in a string of high-stakes poker games in Macau.

According to an article in the Sunday Morning Herald newspaper, Meimei had a ‘godfather’ figure that paid her a monthly retainer and, allegedly, funded her over 60 trips to play poker in Macau.

The social media princess now faces a lengthy prison sentence if found guilty in court.

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