Guns, Girls and Gambling – new poker movie coming soon

Guns, Girls and Gambling – new poker movie coming soon

Monday, 9 August 2010

Much like the panned Lesbian Vampire Killers, this film sounds like it could either be the greatest piece of cinematography in the history of mankind’s visual achievements or a steaming turd. We hope the former.

Guns, Girls And Gambling is an action film revolving around a stolen Native American artefact that is lost during a poker game on an Indian casino.

Shenanigans ensue with an Elvis impersonator, some cowboys, an assassin and a sheriff thrown into the mix of guns, girls and gambling.

Bluff Europe’s regular blogger Matt Perry takes a look at the hits and misses of poker movies today along with a prediction for the outcome of this film.

A low-budget indie affair it may be, but it has an all-star cast with comedian Dane Bowers starring alongside Christian Slater as the heroes of the film against the legendary Gary Oldman, likely playing a psychopathic villain.

The film is to be released in the US and Europe next year.

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