Gruissem is London's Alpha Male

Gruissem is London's Alpha Male

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

In what's becoming a common site in High Roller events across the world it was a team of German pros who dominated the action during the final stages of the inaugural £100,000 buy-in WPT Alpha8 London.

Yesterday's second day of action saw 11 returning players joined by latecomer Bill Perkins but, as the day progressed, that number would gradually decrease. Indeed, for Perkins the last minute trip across from the US proved fruitless as found himself the victim of another German domination that saw him exit in tenth.

Throughout the session it looked as though Tobias Reinkemeier would be taking home the trophy, however, by the time Tony G busted on the bubble in fifth place it was Philipp Gruissem who began to thrive.

Having eliminated G with pocket queens, Gruissem was able to sit tight as his compatriot, Reinkemeier, ended the tournament life of Russian pro Igor Kurganov. With little option but to move all-in with pocket fours, Kurganov's hand couldn't hold against his opponent's Ad Jd and became the first money winner of the day.

Now down to three it was a case two Germans against a lone American in the form of Scott Seiver. Flanked by a deadly double act didn't seem to faze Seiver as he calmly watched as Gruissem and Reinkemeier tangled in a tournament defining pot.

Indeed, after Gruissem came out of the exchange with all the chips it looked as though Seiver might be able to defy the odds and wrestle the title away from team Germany. However, when heads-up play started it was Gruissem holding the chip lead and despite the roles reversing a number of times it was the German who eventually earned the win.

The increasing blinds eventually forced both players to commit their stacks pre-flop and when the cards were revealed it was Gruissem holding the slight advantage with Ah Jd. Although Seiver's Kh Qs was very much alive the 9s Jh 4s 5d 4h board gave his opponent the final pot and the second ever Alpha8 title.

After posing for pictures with his latest trophy Gruissem and his super high roller friends were already turning their attention to the next Alpha8 event which takes place in Saint Kitts on November 16.

£100,000 Alpha8 London Final Result:
1st – Philipp Gruissem - £862,400
2nd – Scott Seiver - £509,600
3rd – Tobias Reinkemeier - £352,800
4th – Igor Kurganov - £235,200

Image courtesy of Anne Laymond /World Poker Tour.

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