Grosvenor Victoria London Poker Championships Results

Grosvenor Victoria London Poker Championships Results

Friday, 17 July 2009

The full list of results from the recent Grosvenor Victoria London Poker Championships has been released to Bluff Europe. In a series of events spanning over a week, hundreds of runners created a prize pool totalling £233,450.

Poker pro Willie Tann triumphed in the first event, taking home just over £10,000 for beating 106 runners in the £300 NLHE freezeout. Next, 128 runners created a £28,000 prize pool in the £100 rebuy that saw Mark Winter run away with £9,250.

Darren Fuller was the next to win, beating off competition from 111 other players in the £200 NLHE freezeout to take a prize of just over £7k. Lined up the day after was the first PLO event, a £100 rebuy that attracted 96 entrants and 153 rebuys to give Jan Gustafsson £8,300. The PLO8 rebuy attracted half the field and paid £5,000 to Woody Deck.

Then, 90 runners in the £500 NLHE two-day event saw a £45,000 prize pool and a first-place prize of £16,650 for Teemu Jaatinen. Trevor Tanchel then saw victory in the £300 NLHE bounty event for £5,670 and then Ian Wilmott won just under £5k in the Pot Limit Dealers' Choice event.

The first female victory came thanks to Louise Hall, who won £14,000 for besting a 78-strong field in the £200 NLHE rebuy event. This marked the final event of the series save for the Unibet championship which is still being played out.

The £2,500 Unibet Open at the Vic got underway yesterday but the opportunity to register is still available as there are two starting days. Register before the second level of today's tournament starting at 2pm. Any players wishing to buy in may do so in person at the casino or by phone using a UK debit card (existing members only).

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