Gross's Six-figure Prop Bet Tattoo

Gross's Six-figure Prop Bet Tattoo

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Here at Bluff Towers we all like to get a souvenir or two as a reminder of particularly memorable trips abroad. Like most people, we have to shell out for them, we don't normally get paid a huge amount of cash for doing so but that's just what happened to US high stakes pro Jeff Gross.

While on holiday in Amsterdam in August with Bill Perkins and his family, Gross was asked how much it would take for him to get a tattoo. The pair agreed a six-figure sum for the ink work but Gross didn't know exactly what type of tattoo he'd be getting for his money.

The mystery artwork was revealed on Twitter earlier this week by Dan Bilzerian as a rainbow motif.

Jeff Gross Tattoo

Gross, who is not gay, told that he “was totally cool with” his new tattoo adding that he “supports gay marriage and gay rights”.

Gross of course is no stranger to high stakes prop bets having previously jumped from the Stratosphere (despite a fear of heights) and giving up alcohol and bread for a year.

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