Greek Leads EUREKA Croatia

Greek Leads EUREKA Croatia

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A fast-paced day at PokerStars' EUREKA Main Event in Croatia saw the field burst through the 40th place bubble and come to a conclusion with just 12 players in contention.

Having started the session with 105 it was Bozso Achilles who seized control of the session as the organisers announced that the prize on offer for the winner would be €64,000.

Indeed, the Hungarian player had managed to scoop 379,500 chips by the time the bubble was looming and just 69 players remained.

By the time the field had reached 41 players Achilles was still amongst the chip leaders but the same couldn’t be said for Mario Karmen. After falling behind the pack he found himself fighting for survival on the bubble and after almost an hour he eventually crashed out of the tournament.

Having moved all-in with pocket nines, Karmen could only watch in fear as Daniel Ebersold and Asif Warris checked down on a Kd Ks 5s 4c Qc board. When the hands were revealed Ebersold managed to scoop the pot with pocket tens while Karmen headed for the rail with nothing to show for his two day grind.

With the bubble burst Achilles was able to continue his march towards Day 3 along with emerging forces, Zoltan Gonczo and Theodoros Aidonopoulos.

Indeed, at the close of player it was Aidonopoulos who lead the way with 1,118,000 chips, just ahead of Gonczo (802,000) and Achilles (728,000).

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