Graham Outlasts Greenstein to Claim Bracelet

Graham Outlasts Greenstein to Claim Bracelet

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Only one WSOP winner has been crowned in the last 24 hours but before Jarred Graham was able to lift his hands in celebration he had to overcome some stiff opposition.

Non-Hold’em events always attract the game’s top pros and in the latest $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Low tournament, Graham found himself sitting across from one of the game’s best: Barry Greenstein.

Thriving in the somewhat less crowded waters of Event #31, Greenstein was able to position himself amongst the chip leaders as today’s final nine played down to a winner.

Indeed, as the like of Eric Rodawig, Gabriel Blumenthal and Noomis Jones hit the rail, Greenstein was able to use his mixed game experience to his advantage.

However, as the field thinned the veteran pro was unable to keep pace with his young counterparts and eventually lost his stack to Jarred Graham with just three players left.

With Greenstein out in third, Graham was able to use his imposing chip lead to quickly dispatch with Marco Johnson. Indeed, after just a few hands of play it was Johnson who was all-in and in trouble.

With the flop showing 9h Ts 3h, Graham pushed his stack in with As Kd 5d Kc, sending Johnson into the tank. After a moment’s deliberation Johnson finally called with 4h 7d 3s Ac and as the Kh and Qd fell on the turn and river the pot was pushed towards Graham who picked up his first WSOP bracelet and $255,942.

Event #31 Final Results:
1 Jarred Graham $255,942
2 Marco Johnson $158,379
3 Barry Greenstein $99,091
4 Noomis Jones $71,924
5 Gabriel Blumenthal $53,096
6 Loni Harwood $39,803
7 Eric Rodawig $30,275
8 Joao Simao $23,338
9 Perry Green $18,233

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