Gorr blimey – Melbourne veteran David Gorr wins Aussie Millions Main Event

Gorr blimey – Melbourne veteran David Gorr wins Aussie Millions Main Event

Saturday, 29 January 2011

David Gorr has been crowned Aussie Millions Main Event champion. The Australian veteran defeated James Keys after a lengthy heads up session which saw him pocket a $2m first prize.

Gorr went into heads up play with over 12m of the 14.4m chips in play but Keys nursed his short stack to good effect, picked his spots and rode his luck to eventually get level. The young Englishman then jumped into a huge lead himself after hitting two pair with K5 to beat Gorr's AK.

The Melbourne native didn't lose hope though despite a 12 to 1 chip deficit and pulled level after 53 more hands. He sealed the win minutes later. The final hand saw Keys raise to 225,000 with Gorr making the call. Gorr checked the 7s6c3h board, then called Keys' 275,000 bet. The turn was the Kh. The Englishman bet 675,000, Gorr re-raised to 1.65m and Keys shoved. Gorr quickly made the call revealing K-4 for top pair and a gutshot, well behind Keys' 7-3 two-pair. The river brought the 4s though giving Gorr the title.

Earlier in the day Patrik Antonius and Chris Moorman were first pair to bust out followed by Brighton youngster Samad Razavi in 6th. Start of day chip leader Randy Dorfman was the next to go leaving Keys to battle it out with Aussie trio Michael Ryan. Jeff Rossiter and Gorr for the title.

Unfortunately the young Englishman couldn't quite seal the deal. We're sure that a new sponsorship deal with Red Kings and now a million dollar pay day will offer some consolation.

1 David Gorr AU$2,000,000
2 James Keys AU$1,035,000
3 Jeff Rossiter AU$700,000
4 Michael Ryan AU$450,000
5 Randy Dorfman AU$325,000
6 Samad Razavi AU$225,000
7 Chris Moorman AU$175,000
8 Patrik Antonius AU$130,000

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