Giannetti Claims WPT Title

Giannetti Claims WPT Title

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Matt Giannetti finished the final day of the WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open how he started it: on top.

After battling his way through 364 players the Team Ivey member managed to overcome a final five that consisted of Darryll Fish and in form WPT player, Matt Salsberg.

First to hit the rail during yesterday’s final was Matt Salsberg and, befitting of his TV background, he managed it in dramatic style.

With only eight hands completed, Salsberg looked to seize the initiative from Darryll Fish with a re-raise to 200,000.

Not wanting to let his opening bet of 85,000 go without a fight, Fish tanked for a moment before moving all-in. Salsberg immediately made the call with pocket jacks and forced Fish to show his less than premium 7s 5s.

As the board ran out 6h 6c 4c Ks it was Salsberg who was just one card from a double-up. However, when the 3h landed on the river, it was Fish who took the pot with a straight and who was left heading for Salsberg the rail in sixth.

Following Salsberg out of the tournament area were Hayden Fortini, Danny Shiff and Fish, leaving just Lily Kiletto in Giannetti’s way.

It took just six hands for Giannetti to dispatch with Kiletto and claim his second WPT title, $323,804 and a $25,000 seat in the WPT Grand Final.

WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open Final Result:
1 - Matt Giannetti - $323,804
2 - Lily Kiletto - $191,880
3 - Darryll Fish - $125,921
4 - Danny Shiff - $86,946
5 - Hayden Fortini - $64,160
6 - Matt Salsberg - $50,968

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