Get Ready for the $5,000 CardGang Freeroll This Sunday

Get Ready for the $5,000 CardGang Freeroll This Sunday

Friday, 4 September 2009

If you’re one of our more diligent readers, you’ll have heard of this earlier in the week. If not, or perhaps you are and simply have a poor memory, here’s a reminder: this Sunday at Betfred you can win your share of $5,000 absolutely free. Now don’t forget it.

“Once again we have a great opportunity for Bluff Europe readers to join in on the action courtesy of CardGang and Bluff Europe,” said Michael Caselli, Editor-in-chief. “Players should keep their eyes peeled at for monthly free-rolls and, exclusive high value tournaments.”

OK, so he’s not YOUR boss and you don’t have to do what he says but this is one piece of advice probably worth listening to. No, he’s not just telling us to say that, it’s free money!

To sign up for the freeroll, register to Betfred via this link and go to the Scheduled Tournaments section, sub-category Freerolls. There you will find the $5,000 Bluff Europe freeroll and can sign up using the password “bluffing”.

Good luck at the tables; we’ll see you there.

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