Gentleman Gale Prepares for Surgery

Gentleman Gale Prepares for Surgery

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

John Gale is one of poker’s most loved and respected players, but a few years ago a freak accident in London’s Vic Casino led to the discovery of a life threatening injury.

What appeared to be a simple bump on the head turned out to be a brain tumour and in the next few weeks he’s going in for surgery that will hopefully save his life.

John’s first and most memorable score at the poker table was back in 2005 at the PCA. Having qualified for just $37 he entered the event not fully knowing what he was doing. Speaking to PokerStars’ in a recent interview he said:

“I still vividly remember the first day of play in Atlantis, sitting at the table, looking around the room seeing all the greats that I had only seen on TV, and thinking 'what on earth am I doing here?”

After that he became a firm fixture on the tournament circuit and earned the nickname “Gentleman” John Gale on account of his trademark hugs that he dished out to anyone in arms reach.

The short interview touches on his life in the years after the PCA and his accident and concludes with John looking forward to a return to the felt: “I would dearly love to go back and pray history would repeat itself," he said. "It's impossible to say at present (when I will go back), but if not next January, then hopefully the year after, all being well.”

In poker there are very few people that command the respect of others like John which is why many people will be hoping to see him back on the circuit very soon.

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