Genting $10k Bounty survives again

Genting $10k Bounty survives again

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Players at Genting Poker once again missed out on a $10,000 bonus after this week's bounty, Daiva Barauskaite, aka the BalticBlonde, avoided elimination by one of the site's players in Sunday's iPoker $200k Bounty Tournament.

The $10,000 bonus is there to be claimed by any player who takes the scalp of the nominated Genting Professional, as long as they are playing through Daiva was eliminated on Sunday when his 7-8 couldn't overturn Nutsflopeadas 'AK. Unfortunately for Nutsflopeadas, he wasn't playing on Genting Poker so missed out on the bonus.

The $10k bonus is once again up for grabs in this Sunday's $200k Bounty Tournament, exclusively for players at Genting Poker. Details of who will be playing as the bounty can be found at

Try and take out the bounty with a first deposit bonus of up to $2,000. Sign up here.

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