Gambling Commission Targets Illegal Poker Clubs

Gambling Commission Targets Illegal Poker Clubs

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Life could be about to get more difficult for players who enjoy a game at a poker club after the Gambling Commission announced that it will be targeting illegal venues.

“This is a matter of public protection – players taking part in illegal poker receive none of the safeguards that are in place in a casino environment, the only premises in which commercial poker may be offered,” said the Commission’s Director of Regulatory Operations, Nick Tofiluk.

The Commission cited The Big Slick (also known as Shuffles) in Portsmouth as an example in a statement released last week. The city council recently withdrew the club premises certificate and cancelled the club gaming permit after determining that illegal poker was taking place. They stated that the club was operating as a commercial enterprise rather than being run solely for the benefit of its members.

“If complaints are made that poker games are being provided at club premises contrary to the requirements of both the Licensing Act 2003 and the Gambling Act 2005, we will provide advice and guidance to the relevant licensing authorities so that action can be taken,” Tofiluk added.

“The message is simple – poker can’t be the primary role or sole activity of the club. If you offer poker in a club which falls outside the rules for exempt gaming, or offer commercial poker when you do not have an appropriate licence or permit, you are breaking the law.”

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