Galfond Finding Happiness Outside Poker

Galfond Finding Happiness Outside Poker

Friday, 20 July 2012

He’s highly thought of in the poker fraternity as one of the best players and a very talented writer, too. Phil Galfond’s latest scribblings describe how he’s realised that life isn’t just about poker EV though.

The post sees Galfond set his ambitions and goals away from poker, as well as how he plans on prioritising those with the game he loves. Balancing life means he’ll play better anyway, winning back some of that lost EV:
“Recently, I’ve realized that a lot of stress is the worst thing for my happiness, so I’m making efforts to minimize stress, even at the cost of $EV. (Playing while in better moods will probably gain me some EV back anyways)”.

He is also painfully honest about how he views poker as a career. While most of us want to think of it as a glamorous life for the poker elite, Galfond describes it as more of a grind. “Playing poker professionally is a pretty big lifestyle change compared to most jobs. You will almost certainly be under more day to day stress. Your hours aren’t structured (pros and cons to this, of course). You have no guaranteed income (ignore the $EV of this, and consider the month to month happiness ramifications for you, your family, and anyone else around you).”

As you expect from Phil, the read is in depth and well thought out - we at Bluff Europe would heartily recommend it to all of you. If you want to find out more, read his post here.

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