GSOP Vienna Gets Under Way

GSOP Vienna Gets Under Way

Thursday, 14 February 2013

GSOP Vienna kicked off yesterday with a healthy field of 304 runners. The Baden-based event welcomed a number of European circuit regulars, including Thomas Butzhammer and Manig Loeser, but by the end of the day it was Miroslav Lelek who was leading the chip counts.

Having scooped 171,600 during the opening day, Mirosav looks in a strong position to battle his way through the remaining 126 players in today’s second session.

While Mirosav held the largest stack at the close of play, it was Butzhammer who took down the biggest pot of the day, before redistributing a few thousand.

Having watched a flop of 2c 7h 6h roll out, Butzhammer decided to check raise his opponent with 9c 7c.

After a moment of contemplation from his opponent the bet was re-raised to 18,600, prompting Butzhammer to move all-in for 40,000 chips more.
Going into the tank his opponent eventually called with pocket eights and by the time the river brought the Qc, Butzhammer has scooped in a pot worth 175,000.

When play resumes today the final players will all be focusing their attention on the €65,130 top prize on offer.

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