GSOP Vienna Day 2 Recap

GSOP Vienna Day 2 Recap

Friday, 15 February 2013

Some aggressive play and large pots saw yesterday’s GSOP Vienna Day 2 cut 126 players to just 45 in the blink of an eye.

Thanks to the continued onslaught of Day 1 chip leader Miroslav Lelek eliminations ticked over at a rapid pace throughout the day until hand for hand play occurred with just 46 players left.

With short stacks in the room nervously looking over their shoulders, the dubious honour of “bubble boy” went to Jukka Pietilae.

The Finnish player wasted no time in committing his 40,500 stack from early position with pocket jacks on the second hand of bubble play. Robert Gorodetsky made the easy call with Ac Kc to set up a classic Hold’em race.

However, the race wasn’t much of a contest in the end as the Ad 3d 4c flop gave Gorodetsky a huge lead in the hand.

The 3c and 8c on the turn and river sealed the deal and sent Pietilae to the rail and everyone else into the money.

At the close of play the overnight joint chip leaders were Lelek and Karel Kratochvil with 343,000 chips apiece.

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