FullTilt Poker Swag Auction

FullTilt Poker Swag Auction

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Over 200,000 items of Full Tilt branded merchandise will be sold off at a special auction on 2 August.

The swag, which is valued at $3.5m, will include leather jackets, hoodies, chip sets, t-shirts, polo shirts, caps, watches, bar stools, dart boards and even golf clubs.

The sale will be held in Californian but potential bidders from across the globe can stake a claim by bidding online.

“[We] expect 1,000s of poker aficionados and brokers from all over the world to attend this one-day auction either in person or online via ProxiBid,” read a statement from Jay Sugarman Auction Company which is hosting the sale.

“Just like poker, the auction guarantees live minute-by-minute action and a lot of strategies to see who will come away as the highest bidder and winner of hard-to-find valuable FullTilt Poker items.”

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