Full Tilt’s Chris Ferguson reveals Rush Poker plans

Full Tilt’s Chris Ferguson reveals Rush Poker plans

Monday, 15 February 2010

A PocketFives.com podcast with Chris Ferguson got the low-down on Rush Poker from the Team Full Tilt member. The new format of poker, switching players around tables to give potentially 2-300 hands per hour, has been big news this year.

“I love it. I’ve really been excited about this game ever since I heard about it,” Ferguson said on the Podcast. “It requires a decent sized pool of players for it to go. There are plans to put it in other games and we already have it in Pot Limit Omaha and Hold’em. I think we’ll implement it in any game – including Stud – that will have enough players so you’ll see some speed in the rate of play”

Of course, this being the PocketFives podcast, they had to ask about tournaments:

“The tournaments might be the right place for Rush Poker to be really successful,” Ferguson said, before adding unnecessarily: “One of the things about Rush Poker is that it goes so fast and you can play so many hands.”
Rush Poker was released on Full Tilt earlier this year. Each time a player folds, they are removed from the table and placed at another, receiving a new hand instantly.

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