Full Tilt returns

Full Tilt returns

Thursday, 1 November 2012

It’s been a long time coming and yesterday Full Tilt Poker finally reopened. While the site may only be offering play money games until next week, the race to log-on and see how things looked once one that gripped a section of the community.

Indeed, because the site will only be available to those outside of the US (as well as some restricted European countries), the number of players hitting the tables when the games restart on November 6th will be lower than usual. However, for those who can reclaim their suspended bankrolls that fact will barely matter.

While the bulk of the community eased themselves back into the site’s familiar software ready for the real grind next week, those who were confined to the sidelines still got some positive news thanks to the site’s bigger brother: PokerStars.

A software linkup will now allow restricted EU players to cashout their Full Tilt balances via the PokerStars platform. The process involves players in Spain, France, Denmark, Belgium and Estonia creating/ using their respective national PokerStars platforms to dip into their Full Tilt accounts.

To do this they must pair the accounts via a unique code. Once this is done they are free to transfer the money from Full Tilt onto PokerStars where they will have the option to either withdraw it or play with it.
In all, what was a dire situation for the entire community now seems to be gradually improving; something that will surely benefit the industry overall in the coming months.

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