Full Tilt introduces Rush Poker tables

Full Tilt introduces Rush Poker tables

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Despite PokerStars’s dominance in the online poker world, it’s often Full Tilt that comes up with the revolutions. Running it twice, deal-making at final tables, raising the ring game minimum buy-in and now Rush tables.

No, it’s not poker with a 1970s progressive rock soundtrack. Rush tables are a new way to play more hands and maximise your earnings. “Unlike a standard ring game, when you play Rush Poker you’ll join a large player pool and face a different table of opponents every hand you play. When you fold your hand, you’ll immediately be moved to a new table for your next hand” says FullTiltPoker.com.

This allows over 100 hands per hour per table, when the average for a standard short-handed ring game is 50-80. It also shakes things up a bit when you realise that the button who has been 3-betting you relentlessly is in fact a different person than who you thought.

If you play loose-aggressive this is an incredible way to spin up some cash.

Try the new speedy system at Full Tilt Poker.

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