Full Tilt and PKR get gaming licenses in France

Full Tilt and PKR get gaming licenses in France

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

It may have escaped your attention but France has become one of the latest countries to restrict players to an internal gaming network, hence why PokerStars.com no longer applies there and instead PokerStars.fr is the French answer to the world’s largest poker site.

Now two of the other biggest poker sites have joined their bigger brother as Full Tilt Poker and PKR have both been granted license to operate within the country. Full Tilt Poker, co-owned by and sponsoring an elite team of pro poker players, is the second largest poker site in the world; PKR is the first of the next-generation, 3D poker sites with interactivity among character avatars like never before.

The two primary sites in France currently are PokerStars.fr and Everestpoker.fr, with the former being the ninth largest poker site in the world already. There are currently plans to include OnGame.fr and PartyPoker.fr in the near future.

When PokerStars became PokerStars.fr the French government increased the rake, which lead to a mass sit-out by French players. You gotta love French striking, they don’t mess around.

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