Full Tilt adds extra punch with Couture signing

Full Tilt adds extra punch with Couture signing

Friday, 21 November 2008

There's more similarities between poker and the Ultimate Fighting Championship than meets the eye. Both are about battering those around into submission, using a mix of sheer aggression and mental awareness to avoid that fatal slip. The signing of one of the UFC's biggest names might not come as such a shock to some after Randy Couture joined the Full Tilt poker team.

The 45 year-old is a five-time UFC champion across two weight divions and has been given the 'friend' of Full Tilt Poker status along with other UFC colleagues including Mike Swick and Matt Hughes.

Couture is not lacking a controversial past either, having walked out on the UFC in a bid to take on the man many consider to be the best mixed martial arts fighter in the world, Fedor Emelianenko. Personally we think anyone who leaves their regular job to go and try beat up a hard-looking Russian is bonkers, unless it's Tony G, in which case we'd pay money to see it.

The deal was first flagged after Couture turned up for one of the biggest fights in MMA history this past weekend against former WWE wrestling star Brock Lesnar adorned in Full Tilt logos. Sadly it didn't stop the new signing from taking some bad fist-shaped beats after he lost to the "The Pain". Of course, if you think you can beat him at the tables you should head over to Full Tilt Poker now and try your luck We wouldn't suggest telling him he sucks though - he's pretty hard.

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