Full Tilt Releases New Software Features

Full Tilt Releases New Software Features

Friday, 16 October 2009

Full Tilt Poker have released a new software update that has two never-before-seen online poker features – the ability to “run it twice” and cashout tournaments.

Running the board twice is a technique made popular on GSN’s High Stakes Poker – playing six- and seven-figure pots, the pros on the televised cash game will often run a board twice, thrice or even four times when two players are all-in prior to the river in order to reduce variance.

Now, ring game players at Full Tilt have the same option. Both players must agree to it and the pot is evenly chopped to the nearest small blind after the rake has been subtracted in the case of a draw.

Another unique addition is cashout tournaments – these play like a normal tournament where players compete for increasing shares of a prize pool, except that players can cash out at any time during play.

Qualify for any of the upcoming FTOPS Event at Full Tilt Poker and you could be in for a 6-figure payday. Sign-up and play at Full Tilt Poker now.

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