Full Tilt Rakeback Changes

Full Tilt Rakeback Changes

Monday, 15 October 2012

Details of Full Tilt’s revamped reward scheme have recently been released and the major revelation is that the former 27% rakeback system is no more.

In its place will now sit a universal 25% that will be paid directly into player’s accounts. This new system means that any deals through pre-existing affiliates will be void; something which will certainly affect many major affiliate sites across the world.

With Full Tilt now dealing with all its own VIP system, players will find that the more they play the more they are likely to earn. In a similar way to PokerStars existing system, Full Tilt’s new rakeback scheme will pay players money based on their volume, with the top rate being $2.50 per 100 points achieved – a figure which equates to 25%.

While the flat rate of repayment will be less than the old one, players will likely be better off under the new scheme as points can also be used to purchase items from the VIP store. Previously this would have resulted in a decrease on your rakeback. However, this will now not be the case as any purchases will leave your payments unaffected.

The new system will no doubt have supporters and critics in equal measure, but we’ll likely have to wait until it’s fully operational to see just whether or not this is a good move by the company.

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