Full Tilt Poker introduce multi-entry tournaments

Full Tilt Poker introduce multi-entry tournaments

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Full Tilt Poker have added another innovative poker format following the success of Rush Poker. The guys behind Full Tilt have unveiled Multi-Entry Tournaments, in which players can enter the same tournament several times – and not in the Josh "JJProdigy" Fields way.

Though players can buy in from once to the cap set individually on each tournament – say, 4 entries or even 10 – the guarantee is that your two entries will never be sat at the same table. If you have more entries than tables remaining then firstly, well done. Secondly, your stacks will be merged with the shorter being paid out prize money for that level while the chips are added to your other stack.

The first ever Multi-Entry Tournament began on Tuesday with 5,000 people paying $1 to – wait, that’s not right. There were 5,000 entries, it might have only been 1,000 people. Either way, Storm667 won $990 for taking it down and beating a field that included Michael Craig, Aaron Bartley and Ross Boatman.

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