Full Tilt Poker AGCC hearing “in camera” today

Full Tilt Poker AGCC hearing “in camera” today

Monday, 19 September 2011

Four days after the originally planned date, today marks the Aldnerney Gambling Control Commission hearing with regards to Full Tilt Poker, whose license was revoked several months ago for failing to pay US players and communicate with customers.

Last time, dozens of journalists descended on the hearing only to face a long wait and finally receive the news that the hearing would be held behind closed doors. Today the AGCC released a statement confirming that today’s hearing would be held “in camera” – i.e., behind closed doors again.
However, one person who does not agree with this decision is AGCC executive director Andre Wilsenach, who said he was “disappointed with the tribunal’s decision” to hold the hearing privately:

“I am pleased that the FTP hearing will continue as scheduled, as was argued on my behalf. Notwithstanding my arguments to the contrary, the hearing will be held in private. I believe the public has a right to know the reasoning behind the decisions to suspend FTP’s licences and call a hearing, and to hear the evidence that will be put forward on my behalf.”

We’ll bring you any news from the hearing as soon as we hear it – be it an announcement of Full Tilt’s future, a possible licence renewal date or just another press release saying nothing of substance.

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