Full Tilt Introducing The Players Club

Full Tilt Introducing The Players Club

Thursday, 13 August 2015

The way Full Tilt hands out player rewards is changing. Following on from the recent decision to end table selection and make its games more recreational, Full Tilt is now launching a new VIP scheme dubbed The Players Club.

Announced in a blog post by Full Tilt’s Managing Director, Dominic Mansour, the changes will come into effect within the coming months and give recreational players a much greater chance of earning bonuses.

According to Mansour, ‘the vast majority of players gain very little benefit from rewards schemes because they primarily reward the players that put in the most volume’ but this is something the new system will change. Instead of having to grind hundreds of hands a week to earn something extra (as is the case under the current Edge Reward system), players will gain access to a bonus chest of pries virtually every time they ante-up.

Headlining the new The Players Club scheme is a $100,000 progressive jackpot, which players will have a chance of winning based on their performances. Running alongside this offer is a selection of free tickets, cash bonuses and prizes.

Outlined by Mansour, the new VIP system will offer recreational players double the amounts given away in freeroll tournaments with mystery prizes awarded to those who play only a few times a week. There will also be daily added-money tournaments open to The Players Club members.

In the first month after The Players Club launches, Full Tilt will bump these rewards even more to ensure all players get to enjoy the new benefits with over $200,000 in added value.

To appease hardcore grinders who preferred the Edge Reward system, Full Tilt will be keeping this system in place and players can choose which one they want to enter. However, in order to evenly distribute the wealth, the Edge Reward system will be broken into three tiers and the amount of cash-back players can earn will be lowered. While this is likely to upset some players, it is a necessary step according to Mansour and one that will ensure players of all levels will receive a fair amount of VIP rewards.

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