French court declares poker a game of skill

French court declares poker a game of skill

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Toulouse, France, has become the latest centre of the luck vs. skill debate in poker after a local man was acquitted of running an illegal gambling operation for his home poker game. A court in Toulouse ruled that it is a game of skill, not luck.

Jean-Pierre Gleizes was accused of running private poker games in public without proper licensing. He was charged with breaking a law which states “taking part, including as a banker, in gambling where the public is freely admitted”. The maximum punishment is three years in prison and a €9,000 fine.
Gleizes plead not guilty and argued that “gambling” was not applicable to this situation. He and his lawyers were assisted by a mathematics professor, a bridge expert and a pro poker player in their case.

"In September 2009, the court of Appeal of Versailles explained that poker could be a game of skill and not chance, but it would have to be shown by the defendants. We have now provided this evidence," Gleizes' lawyer Simon Cohen said.

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