French Police Raid Another Casino

French Police Raid Another Casino

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Just one month after French police raided France's prestigious Aviation Club, news of another operation, this time at the Cercle Cadet, has made the headlines.

Accused of a similar string of crimes to the Aviation Club, officers reportedly stormed the casino early this morning and arrested a group of people. Although the exact number of people taken into custody is unclear at this point, some witnesses have claimed the 14 were arrested, including the Cercle Cadet's President, Serge Kasparian.

The two men behind this and the Aviation Club raid are Judges Herve Robert and Serge Tournaire. Experts in organised crime and gambling, the two legal figures opened an investigation into the casino's backroom activities back in 2013.

After months of investigation they finally ordered a raid on the premises and the arrest of its senor figures. Now, like the Aviation Club, Cercle Cadet will now remain closed pending the outcome of a legal trial.

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