Free interactive training from

Free interactive training from

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

If your online poker game is in need of a tune up then the latest offering from training and staking site could be just the thing. And best of all it's free.

Badbeat's MyGame online mentoring system features the unique Play & Fix training facility that improves players’ skills by analyzing actual gameplay, spotting weaknesses and most importantly showing them how to fix them. The software also offers report cards which keep players up to date with their progress.

“I don’t suppose a lot of people really looked forward to report card day in high school but we’ve sure been getting great feedback on the feedback we’re giving to players,” said John Conroy, Managing Director for

“Getting a grade gives them something to aim for and helps them see how they’re progressing. The detailed hand analysis tools help them build skills; it watches them play and shows them where they might have done better.”

Access to tutorials, unique hands analysis tool, ‘report cards’ and social gaming features is available to players that register at any of its partner online poker sites including,,,,,,,, and

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