Fredy Torres Jumps in to a Shark Tank

Fredy Torres Jumps in to a Shark Tank

Friday, 17 January 2014

Over the last few years poker prop bets have all become a little too predictable and a little too tame, but last week that trend was well and truly bucked by Fredy Torres.

After a relatively unsuccessful trip to the Bahamas for the PCA, Torres decided he needed to replenish his bankroll by any means possible and after some deliberation his friends decided that meant he must swim with sharks.
In the most unorganised and stupid way possible the group of pros eventually decided that Torres would need to jump into the Atlantis Resorts' shark tank in order to win the wager.

Despite the pool basically being a feeding pen for the sharks it took just $1,000 to persuade Torres to snap accept. However, a few moments of hesitation set in as the Colombian pondered his fate, but after summoning up the courage he eventually made the jump before clambering back to safety like a distressed seal.

Fortunately the sharks were too slow off the mark to catch the floundering pro, but from Torres' reaction after the event it's unlikely he'll be trying anything like that again in a hurry.

Check out Torres' quick dip below.

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