Frankenberger Calls Time on Shot Clock Debate

Frankenberger Calls Time on Shot Clock Debate

Thursday, 13 March 2014

The recent shot clock debate took another twist recently after Andy Frankenberger offered his thoughts on how to tackle the issue.

Writing in an article on Poker News, Andy is firmly in favour of punishing players who take an unnecessary amount of time to act, but he believes there is an alternative to shot clocks.

While he feels they should be mandatory in turbo tournaments, he thinks there should be a less drastic feature in well structured events.

After making a distinction between players with generally tough decisions and those that are deliberately stalling, Andy proposes that we should modify the process of calling the clock on someone.

Although he feels the system is already relatively efficient, he offers two changes that would improve the situation:

Empower the dealer to call the clock without involving the floor
Require that a second person “confirm” the clock being called in order to initiate the process.

The idea behind these adjustments is to ensure calling the clock isn’t seen as an unsportsmanlike move, make it a faster process (because the dealer can enact the clock) and to ensure people don’t abuse the clock to needle other players.

On top of these changes Andy suggests that each player is given a token that allows them to have an extra minute to make a decision.

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