First glimpse at new poker doc Boom

First glimpse at new poker doc Boom

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

With CardRunners, The Micros and of course playing, you'd think that Jay Rosenkrantz had enough on his plate already. Krantz, alongside Taylor Caby, has somehow found time to work on a new poker documentary called Boom.

Directed by Ryan Firpo of From Busto to Robusto fame, Boom looks at the spectacular growth of online poker post Moneymaker. Featuring the likes of Barry Greenstein, Mike Sexton, Tony Dunst and online pro and full time mother Danielle Anderson it has been given extra spice courtesy the events of Black Friday.

Rather than just focussing on a group of online grinders living the balla lifestyle in a sick house in Thailand (or Vegas) it looks like Boom will be taking a more rounded look at the online poker scene.

There's still some filming to be completed as well as a lengthy editing process so Boom isn't likely to hit cinema screens until 2012. You can watch a sneak preview below.

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