Finland triumph over Swedish neighbours in Pokerfinnkampen 2008

Finland triumph over Swedish neighbours in Pokerfinnkampen 2008

Monday, 8 December 2008

The Scandinavians continue to run good as the annual battle between Finland and Sweden saw the Finns snatch a victory from their neighbouring rivals.

Finland won by a very close margin of 448-440 by points despite Sweden winning 2-1 on games. It’s some crazy north-east European scoring system, don’t ask us. Sweden winning the last event of 2008 means that they ended up with a score of 2-1 in games but Finland’s score in points means they take the title.

This weekend 45 Swedes and 55 Finns turned up to the third and last event of this year's Pokerfinnkampen. Despite the numerical advantage the Swedes caught up and halfway through the event the nations found themselves with 25 players each.

By the six-handed final table four Swedes and two Finns remained. After a fast and furious final table Sweden's David Nystedt met Antti Lehtinen from Finland heads-up. Eventually Nystedt moved in with bottom pair only to be crushed by a set.

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