Female OAPs arrested in Cypriot poker raid

Female OAPs arrested in Cypriot poker raid

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Poker may not be perfect in the UK but at least we don’t usually have to put up with nonsense like this. Cypriot police raided a house in Limassol after receiving complaints that a private house had been turned into a gambling club. The frequenters of this supposed den of iniquity turned out to be 42 female pensioners including one sprightly 95-year-old. The alleged host was a mere whipper snapper of 50.

In addition to €100 in stake money, police also confiscated 830 playing cards and over 500 poker chips. A police spokesman said, “They were charged and released”. No trial date has been set as yet.

Gambling for money, even in a private home game is illegal in Cyprus but surely the police have more pressing things to worry about than this group of game old grannies.

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