Felipe Ramos Trades Bets with Neymar

Felipe Ramos Trades Bets with Neymar

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

One of Brazil's top poker players, Felipe "Mojave" Ramos, has been sharing his secrets with one of his talented countrymen recently.

Picking up on Neymar's current love of poker, Ramos recently met the football hero at a tournament in Barcelona and decided to teach him a thing or two about the game.

However, when the action got a little heavy, it was actually Neymar who was able to help Ramos clinch a victory. According to an Instagram picture of the two Brazilians, Ramos took the tips offered by Neymar and clinched a win heads-up with Qs 6s. Although it doesn't say home much he won, the fact Neymar was even in the picture is a sign that poker is starting to reach new audiences.

Over the last few months Neymar has uploaded numerous photos of his home games, and according to Ramos, that's where he's most comfortable. Despite being confident when he's grinding against his friends, Neymar didn't fare too well in the tournament.

Fortunately, the poor showing didn't dampen the Brazilians new found love for poker. In fact, with Cristiano Ronaldo also showing off his poker skills in recent days, there could be an all-star home game in the making. Between Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, the other Ronaldo and Teddy Sheringham, there's almost enough football heroes to get a single table tournament underway.

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