Federated Sports and Gaming announce Poker League schedule

Federated Sports and Gaming announce Poker League schedule

Friday, 18 February 2011

Federated Sports and Gaming, the company behind Annie Duke and former WSOP commissioner Jeffrey Pollack’s new professional poker league, have released the dates and tournament formats of season one for the next year.

The Palms Casino Resort will host all five events, encompassing four different inaugural events as well as a Championship event to be held next January. The initial events will all include a charity tournament, a “Pro-Am” event and the rake-free $20,000 Main Event. The first of these begins on August 12 and runs for four days.

"We decided to vary the format of our events to showcase and challenge the skill of the best live tournament players in the world," said Annie Duke, Commissioner of the new Federated League. "Our Pro-Am events will create opportunities for break-out stars to shine."

The Main Events will be different variants of No Limit Hold ‘em including 6-max, heads-up and a new innovative multi-format tournament to end the preliminary events on January 20, 2012. Generous prize pool overlays are expected with the $20,000 rake-free Main Events and a $1,000,000 freeroll for the league’s top 27 players.

Players who do not make the list of world’s best players with a league card can play their way in during the $1,500 Pro-Am events that award temporary league cards to the final table.

The full schedule is as follows:

Event #1 ---- August 12-16, 2011

Event #2 ---- Sept 30 – Oct 7, 2011

Event #3 ---- December 1-10, 2011

Event #4 ---- January 20-27, 2012

Championship ---- January 29-30, 2012

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