Faisal Shabbir Wins Genting Poker Series Birmingham

Faisal Shabbir Wins Genting Poker Series Birmingham

Monday, 17 February 2014

The final day of this year's Genting Poker Series Birmingham had no room for brotherly love thanks to the first GPS title of 2014 and £40,215 being on the line.

As the action got underway in Genting's Star City, both Chaz and Sunny Chattha were amongst the 17 starters; however, as the session progressed neither of them would make it as far as the final table.

Not long of Chaz hit the rail in 17th place, Sunny joined him after Neil McCulloch's A-K ousted him in 14th.

With the prospect of two brothers making a GPS final table now out of the window it was Matt Davenport who stole the headlines as he took the lead into the final table. Despite being pursued by Simon Deadman, Davenport was able to hold his nerve until just three players remained.

At this point, however, his good fortune seemed to fade and following a huge loss to Deadman he was eventually forced to the rail in 3rd place.
That coup left Deadman with a significant chip lead over Birmingham's Faisal Shabbir, but things didn't stay that way for long. A fortunate double-up with A-6 against Deadman's A-Q gave Shabbir a glimmer of hope which he managed to use to his advantage and capture the chip lead.

Soon after the match was brought to a close after multiple draws failed to materialise into a made hand for Deadman in the final pot. Having lost the hand and his chips a gracious Deadman departed the table to leave Shabbir as the man basking in the limelight.

GPS Birmingham £440 Main Event Final Result:
1st - £40,215 - Faisal Shabbir
2nd - £27,755 - Simon Deadman
3rd - £20,120 - Matt Davenport
4th - £14,335 - Richard Horton
5th - £10,490 - Paul Coughlan
6th - £7,950 - Leo McClean
7th - £6,205 - James Tomlin
8th - £4,720 - Yiannis Liperis
9th - £3,405 - Rana Gurnam

The GPS heads to Sheffield next month. Qualifiers are up and running online at GentingPoker.com.

Image courtesy of the Genting Poker Blog.

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