Fabian Quoss Claims First PCA Title

Fabian Quoss Claims First PCA Title

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

After hours of grinding hard at the felt the opening event of this year's PokerStars Caribbean Adventure has come to a close and standing victorious at the end of play was Germany's Fabian Quoss.

Despite there being only seven players left in the competition and an early exit from Ole Schemion after just two hands the finale ran on well into the night before Quoss was finally able to seal a memorable victory.

Having entered the final session with an average stack Quoss picked his moments in the early running and watched as the likes of Schemion, Tony Gregg and Matt Glantz fell by the wayside.

At the point in which just four players remained a proposed deal by businessman Dan Shak was shunned by the pros but that didn't seem to deter the American. Knowing he now had a point to prove, Shak watched as Vanessa Selbst scooped the remainder of Antonio Esfandiari's chips before he did the same to her.

Now left with only a handful of chips Selbst was forced to gamble and despite a mini comeback she was unable to regain her momentum and was finally dispatched by Quoss when his Ah 4h was enough to oust her Kh 9c.

The penultimate elimination of the day left Quoss with a 2:1 chip lead over Shak and within an hour he'd extended that lead with an 11 million chip haul. Being firmly in control of proceedings and catching cards meant Quoss looked every bit the champion and he finally fulfilled that promise when his 8s 6h turned a straight on a Td 7c Qs 9d board to leave Shak's Jh Tc needing some help.

That assistance never came for Shak and after the river washed away the last of his chips he was left to congratulate his opponent before slipping off into the shadows to collect his consolation prize.

Meanwhile, Quoss found himself mobbed by a gang of friends as the winner's trophy and $1,629,940 was pushed his way. Commenting on his victory after the fact, Quoss said: "I'm obviously very happy to be here right now. I feel after 2013--when the luck wasn't on my side--I kind of deserved it."

The final payouts were as follows:

1 Fabian Quoss $1,629,940
2 Dan Shak $1,178,980
3 Vanessa Selbst $760,640
4 Antonio Esfandiari $575,920
5 Matt Glantz $445,520
6 Tony Gregg $347,720
7 Ole Schemion $277,080
8 Mike McDonald $217,320

Image courtesy of Neil Stoddart @ PokerStars.

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