FTOPS XVII begins Wednesday at Full Tilt Poker

FTOPS XVII begins Wednesday at Full Tilt Poker

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

In just one day, Full Tilt Poker will host its pinnacle tournament series as the seventeenth run of the FTOPS begins, guaranteeing a total prize pool of $19,000,000 across 33 events and the $600 Main Event with a $3,000,000 prize pool.

Last year, thirty events made the largest FTOPS yet. This means that, mirroring the spectacular turnout for the 2010 WSOP, this run of the FTOPS tournament series is the largest ever seen at Full Tilt Poker. The games kick off with a $216 NL event, the same as FTOPS XVI – this opening event last time saw BRO20 beat a field of 3,673 to claim a first prize of $130,000.

This incarnation of the series will see six Rush Poker tournaments. Rush Poker is Full Tilt’s new signature game, in which players are moved to a different table after each hand is dealt. This way, playing one table can yield a rate of over 200 hands per hour and always keeps your opposition fresh.

It’s not just restricted to Hold ‘em, either, as Rush Poker features in PLO, PLO8 and Limit Hold ‘em tournaments. The proceedings begin on August 4th at 21.00 ET with the $200 + $16 NL event guaranteeing $750,000.

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