FTOPS XI Limit Hold ‘em pays out $44,327 to TOPTEN.

FTOPS XI Limit Hold ‘em pays out $44,327 to TOPTEN.

Monday, 9 February 2009

OK, so it might be the older, more boring brother of the game we all know and love but there’s nothing wrong with Limit Hold ‘em. In fact, the 1,603 people who paid out to enter the FTOPS XI Event #5 don’t think so at all.

Here is what the chip counts looked like once the field had been whittled down to one six-handed table:

tom10167 - 1,624,496
killinda_sts - 1,432,881
Scott "TheMrC" Castelluccio - 568,256
TOPTEN - 301,235
pool_shark_10 - 177,980
Michael "benvo123" Benvenuti - 147,152

Eventually, TOPTEN and tom10167 got to the heads-up stage with the latter holding 2.6m to TOPTEN’s 1.6m. At the 60k/120k level TOPTEN had caught up enough to win a monster pot with two pair and take tom10167’s stack down to less than 100k. The next hand was an automatic all-in from severely shortstacked tom10167 and he found only 7c-2c. TOPTEN held T8 which held up to win.

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