FTOPS XI Heads-Up tournament dishes out $660k

FTOPS XI Heads-Up tournament dishes out $660k

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The NBC Heads-Up championship is looming so Full Tilt figured: why not get in some practise? This came in the form of a $535 heads-up tournament eventually won by Luie Soja.

He bested a strong field to get to the last eight, where he had to face more players who had come as far as he. Getting it all-in pre-flop with Mario Puccini, he advanced into the last four.

His penultimate match was against rivercrime. On a board of AKJ the two got all the money in the middle. Rivercrime held AQ for the lead over Luie Sojo’s AT, but the Q on the turn changed it all, shipping Sojo the pot with the nut straight.

In the final match, there was a lot to play for with a near-$50,000 difference between second and first-place money. In the 25/50 level Luie Sojo had built up a 2-1 chip lead over Plz_Stop_Lookin. The chips went in pre-flop and Luie Sojo’s KK held up against 88.

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