FTOPS Fails to Make Guaranteed Prizes

FTOPS Fails to Make Guaranteed Prizes

Monday, 11 May 2009

Of the first seven FTOPS events, four have failed to make up their guarantees and forced Full Tilt Poker to stump up the dough themselves. Not only this, but the games were NLHE and PLO, two of the most popular poker variants on the planet.

The first FTOPS event of this series was a $216 NLHE event that missed its guarantee by nearly $100,000.

The middle events all met or beat their guarantees but yesterday the site played host to what you would have thought were sure-fire hits – the $500 6-max PLO and the $100 NLHE rebuy.

However, the PLO missed its guarantee by just under $50k and the NLHE by $22k.

This is costing Full Tilt money – for example, in the first event 4,445 people paid $216 to participate. This means that Full Tilt took just over $71,000 in $16 fees but had to pay up $110,000 to meet the guarantee.

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