FTOPS Event Sees Star-Studded Final Table

FTOPS Event Sees Star-Studded Final Table

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The Full Tilt Online Poker Series is in full flow, and Event 12 seemed to follow on in the same vein as the World Series itself, as the pro players came, saw and almost conquered. With a buy in as steep as $1,000, why did we expect anything less?

The final table was one of the sickest of the series so far. Kevin "GetPWN3D" Saul, Ben "bmf823" Fineman and Ram Vaswani all made it to the final six, while Full Tilt pro Phil Gordon narrowly missed out, bubbling the final table with his seventh place finish.

While Saul and Vaswami might be better known to the poker public it was Ben Fineman who ended up stealing the show, winning $300,000 for first place. Saul finished fourth and Vaswani fifth.

Here are the rest of the final table finishers for Event 12:
1. bmf823 $300,000
2. Garbally $198,000
3. omalos $138,000
4. GetPWN3D $105,000
5. Ram Vaswani $72,750
6. bigtonyk123 $49,500

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