FBI step in during Face the Ace lawsuit

FBI step in during Face the Ace lawsuit

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is taking an interest in the ongoing copyright dispute over TV poker gameshow, Face the Ace. Brandon McSmith claims that Poker PROductions stole the show format from him.

In the show, contestants challenge pros to heads-up poker matches, picking their opponents at random from behind closed doors. Here is a video of the pitch McSmith tried with production companies – it is very similar.

"This week, the FBI got in touch with me twice and asked for all of the information. They’ll be launching an investigation of the copyright infringement charges," McSmith said to PokerNewsDaily.

Coinflip speculate that the FBI’s involvement may be due to the fact that the show is sponsored by Full Tilt Poker, who keep taking US customers despite the UIGEA.

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